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Cloud Transformation Journey – Is Your Organization Data Driven Yet? If Not, Hakuna Matata

Congratulations on your Cloud transformation journey by adopting a platform for all your business transactions using Oracle Fusion Applications (Cloud ERP/SCM/HCM). As your users learn the nuances and behavior of the applications by entering data, verifying the data with many of the seeded and business focused custom reports, their trust on the system gradually grows. Their productivity too would show an improving trend as the manual errors come down with a systematic way of capturing your transactions and reconciling the data to close the books without too much of huffing and puffing.

Great. Now what?

Oracle Cloud Applications offers lot more than just capturing your transactions and giving you reports. One of the least used and untapped features of this enterprise class system is “Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence”, popularly known as OTBI. As the name indicates, OTBI is a self-service BI tool that sits on top of your transactional system without a need of an external hardware or software to unlock it.

With OTBI, users can build their own dashboards and reports using pre-built, functionally aligned Subject Areas. Some key features that standout for OTBI are:

  • Real-time – data displayed on the reports are real time enabling the users to review, act and verify the results without the need for any scheduled refreshes.
  • Inherited Security (Role and Data) from the transactional system – no overhead to maintain separate system of user list, access and governance.
  • Deeplink – The ability to drill down from an OTBI report to relevant transactional page

To get more out of this treasure, Apps Associates has built ready-to-use OTBI Dashboards for enabling the business users across various levels to make data driven decisions. Yes! You heard it right, the next step in your organization’s cloud transformation journey is in empowering your users to make data driven decisions. These OTBI dashboards are interactive, intuitive and lets you see your data to have meaningful actionable insights.

As a teaser, I would like to brief you on our ready-to-use Accounts Payable Analytics dashboard.

This dashboard contains Key Measures, visualizations that provide instant insights, a place for analyzing detailed transactions and lets you interact with the data taking you right to the actual transactional page for further action. Whether to Manage an Invoice / Validate an Invoice / Create Payment, the Accounts Payable Analytics dashboard helps the users not only understand the effort with impactful visualizations, but also helps to prioritize and act in real time. These dashboard results updates in real time as well.

For e.g., based on the dashboard screen below, outstanding amounts which are overdue 90+ days are highest, the users can click on the bar corresponding to this bucket, review the invoices and click on the appropriate invoice to create payment.

Cloud Transformation Journey – Is Your Organization Data Driven Yet? If Not, Hakuna Matata

With our ready-to-use OTBI Dashboards on various functional areas (Financials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing), you can let your data guide your users in taking your Organization to next levels. If you are interested to know more about how Apps Associates can help you with your “Data driven organization” initiatives, please contact our representatives. Happy Ascension to the Cloud!

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