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Get the Most Out of Your Salesforce Applications – Success Stories from 2018

Are you looking to make some improvements to your Salesforce Applications, create best practices, upgrade to Lightning in 2019? See what changes some of our customers made in 2018 and how it is impacting their business positively.

2018 was a year filled with exciting changes for Salesforce and for our Salesforce customers. Check out a few highlights from 2018.

Managed Services Win with Large Educational Non-Profit

Salesforce Applications Success Stories

Client’s Challenge: Our client, a top educational non-profit with over 1,000 employees, was struggling to organize, prioritize and manage their ticketing system and to assist resolving all users and business Salesforce related issues. Our Solution: We provided managed services and overtime, through resolving tickets and working with users and the business, we were able to highlight other areas of strength through:

  • Recommended best practices to help enhance user adoption across the business
  • Introduced and demonstrated the Lightning interface across the business
  • Assisted in Salesforce integration with other platforms and applications like Oracle, Zendesk, Qualtrics and a custom built website
  • Introduced and recommended other applications and Salesforce products from which the business would potentially benefit
  • Organized and held company- wide trainings to help users better understand the benefit of Salesforce and improve user adoption

After a year of delivering consistent work and helping the business grow with Salesforce, we are the primary consulting team for incident – based support, administration support (user request analysis, functionality/end user support), Salesforce enhancements (evaluate design development, develop & support application enhancements as approved by the customer). We will also provide project – based consulting for designing and building net new functionality within the customer’s environment.

Clinical Laboratory Teams Up with Apps Associates to Streamline Customer Service Operations with Salesforce

Client Challenge: A clinical laboratory services company needed help to improve communication between Client Relations and Call Center teams. The business was faced with members from each of these teams who would speak to the same client on the same day (with no knowledge of other conversations taking place with the same client). Our solution: The answer was consolidated visibility; knowing what the customers were asking and making sure both teams were aware of the other team’s activities. While working together, the business and Apps Associates developed and implemented a three-part replacement solution that consisted of:

  • Converting the case management system from Outlook email boxes to Salesforce cases
  • Converting the knowledge base from the existing homegrown platform to Salesforce
  • Creating alert/enhancements around queues in Salesforce

By using Salesforce case management, customer response time and staff productivity can now be easily tracked, which are both critical business KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and provides a solid base for continued improvements.

Data Management Practice

Data Migration was another area where we were helping customers with solutions to their challenges in 2018. We assisted in data migration and consolidation from multiple Salesforce organizations, large amounts of Excel worksheets and other legacy applications into one Salesforce org. Since our Salesforce practice has a dedicated data management team, we were able to focus 100% of our effort into helping with data discovery and data cleanse before inputting data into the new Salesforce orgs. These extra steps taken by our data management team, boosted our customers’ confidence level when it came to analytics and reporting from the org.

The Apps Associates Salesforce Practice has been a Salesforce Silver Partner for seven years. Our approach is simple – we are cloud experts who specialize in your business. Currently, the practice is made up of 37 members (13 US based, 21 India based) with multiple certifications and Salesforce expertise.

So there you have it. We had a great 2018 and we are already going top-speed for 2019. Stayed tuned to this blog for more updates from the Salesforce team.