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The Features We Love in Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13 – Oracle HCM Cloud

Oracle announced its Cloud Application Release 13, 18A upgrade in February 2018 and it is really creating some buzz here at Apps Associates. So, with all the great features being released, we asked our Oracle Cloud Consultants to highlight the key features. Here are their favorite picks. I’ve added links to Oracle Help Center and tutorial links to provide you more information. Start here to learn about all Oracle Cloud Releases.

Oracle HCM Cloud

oracle hcm cloud

Please refer to “Cloud Readiness – Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Release 13 (update 18A) – What’s New” for complete information.

Global Human Resources
Improved Directory Search Results
The Directory person keyword search is enhanced by lowering the priority of the areas of expertise, areas of interest, and talent skills relative to the other fields searched in the keyword search so that the best results are sorted to the top of the search results.

Document Records and Document Delivery Preferences Security Enhancements
Users can simplify access to the Document Records work area by now securing the work area access for line managers and HR specialists using separate privileges. Users can also streamline access to the document delivery preferences, which are now secured with their own security privileges and not shared with document records. Also new is greater control through the ability to set read-only access privileges to document records.

Configurable Email Notifications for Workforce Deployment Based on Reports
Users can now configure workforce deployment email notifications using Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher reports. They can use the standard BI Publisher templates to configure the email notifications for up to 32 workflow tasks.

Mass Legal Employer Change
Enhance the ability of HR Specialists to efficiently transfer workers in bulk from one legal employer to another. All the primary assignment data and salary information is copied from the primary assignment of the source work relationship to the destination work relationship for all the selected workers. You can also select workers from different legal employers to be transferred to the same destination legal employer.

On the Changes page of the Mass Legal Employer Change process, you can provide specific values for certain assignment attributes. These specific values will be applied to all the selected workers and will override the corresponding values on the workers’ primary assignment.

WorkLife Solutions
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate social responsibility represents a corporation’s initiatives to take responsibility for its effects on the environment and social well-being. Corporate social responsibility is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in HR processes to recruit, retain, and motivate the most qualified employees.

Oracle Fusion Volunteering enables organizations to promote corporate social responsibility initiatives by creating service opportunities for employees to engage and get involved in causes that are most important to each individual.

Simple Steps to Register and Get Started
Now users have quick and easy steps to get employees started on corporate social responsibility initiatives. They can now register and specify volunteering preferences during sign up. Administrators can specify preferences for:

  • Causes the company wants to support
  • Locations
  • Volunteering hours
  • Project lead role

Suggestions based on the preferences appear in the recommended list. This reduces the work required to search for suitable projects.

Track Updates and Progress from Volunteering Dashboard
Keep track of upcoming projects, volunteering progress, and history using the Volunteering Dashboard. From this dashboard, administrators can now manage volunteering projects, update hours on volunteered projects, and review progress towards the company’s goals.

Organized Administration Dashboard to Manage Volunteering
Access information and prioritize key tasks effectively from the administrator dashboard. Administrators can now manage administration tasks such as:

  • Review organizations and volunteering projects submitted for approval
  • Monitor EIN compliance
  • Send employee notifications
  • Seek feedback
  • Review participation and analyze projects across various causes and organizations

Employee Wellness
User Interface Improvements to Manage Activity Tracking Services
The user interface improvements to the wellness administration make it easier than ever to manage activity tracking services. Users can see all connected activity tracking services available to the employees at a glance and enable or disable a service with the click of a button. The new interface to easily schedule an activity data refresh. The activity data refresh scheduler lets users configure how frequently the activity data is imported from a connected fitness tracking service. This keeps the application up-to-date with the most recent data. The improved interface enables users to quickly view the status of the scheduler, the time of the last and next data refreshes, and the frequency at which you have configured the data refresh.

So there it is, our favorite features for Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13, for Oracle HCM Cloud. Tell us your favorite features in the comments below.