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12 Salesforce Blogs You Should Be Reading

At Apps Associates, we’re always reading, writing, and uncovering the latest for our customers in the world of Salesforce. There are many resources available. We pulled our top favorites of Salesforce blogs together.

AdminHero: With easy-to-understand content, AdminHero offers a variety of Salesforce and business subjects. The content focusing on SFDC admins, Lightning Experience, and his Zero to Hero series are big standouts.

Ashish Agarwal: You likely have come across an Ashish Agarwal article without even knowing it. He’s been a well-known figure among the Salesforce crowd for some time. For a good reason, too, he has consistently provided readers with top-notch content, including a cornucopia of step-by-step tutorials.

Bob Buzzard Blog: If you can’t learn something from five-time Salesforce MVP and author of Visualforce Development Cookbook Keir Bowden, we would be genuinely shocked. With all eight Salesforce certifications, his blog can be a massive asset for study tips.

Focus on Force is a training platform we regularly recommend to our clients, but it also has a great blog available to anyone interested. Even if you’re not looking for exam help, the blog has many content and stories that any salesforce professional could benefit from.

Forcetalks: Forcetalks is a platform where anyone from developers, marketers, consultants, admins, and every other possible relevant contributor can share their ideas in blog format. The site is a great community for anyone in the Salesforce community to learn and engage in a vast array of content.  The platform accepts blog posts, infographics, videos and also has a Q/A section.

Jittendra Zaa: Having been on the platform since 2008, Jittendra Zaa’s blog is among the most robust Salesforce blogs out there. His blog was one of the first Salesforce developer-focused sites out there, and even after all these years, he continues to deliver high-quality content.

MiraForce:  Run by Mira Shah, MiraForce is a great way to get an insight into the Salesforce Ohana community events, as well as picking up some Admin tips and tricks along the way.

Nerd @ Work: Based in Italy, Enrico Murru has gained popularity for his Chrome extension and Salesforce ORGanizer. He is also a Solution & Technical Architect; his content often revolves around hot Admin topics.

Salesforce Ben is like having a super helpful neighbor that always gives you the news around the neighborhood and the best insight. Its content is very well-rounded, so pretty much anyone who is in the Salesforce community can find content that is valuable to them.

Salesforce Weekly: Salesforce MVPs Mike Gill, Chris Edwards, and Ines Garcia have collaborated to create the Salesforce Weekly site where you can find a plethora of how-to guides, admin tips, product release information, opinion pieces, and even more.

SFDC99:  If you’re looking to upgrade your Salesforce skills, SFDC99 is the site to help you do it. Created by David Liu, the blog features beginner tutorials, Apex classes, and various stories of success from users worldwide. Fun fact: he also works at Google and is a proud member of the companies exclusive Salesforce “Jedi Council.”

WizardCast Salesforce Podcast: With over ten years of developer and admin experience, Brian Kwong continuously shows his passion for his work through his quirk yet endearing content. The WizardCast podcast is a stand-out for us; there, he shares various Salesforce news, career advice, and different valuable topics.

Staying on top of trends and new technology is incredibly important in this space where so much can change daily. Do you have a blog you follow we didn’t cover? Tweet us @Apps Associates and let us know.

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