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How Automation Can Improve the Employee Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic challenged companies to remain operational under daunting conditions. Many moved to an all-remote workforce, while others moved to a hybrid workforce. Some companies had to lay off employees and reduce their workforce to stay afloat.

Now that the initial effects of pandemic on work are waning, many employees previously hesitant to quit their jobs are now doing so, resulting in what has become known as the Great Resignation. As a result of fewer employees in general and more employees working remotely, companies have attempted to automate as many processes as possible and turned to robotic process automation (RPA).

RPA is often used to streamline many critical business processes, improve performance and gain process efficiency. It is also used to automate mundane and redundant tasks that otherwise take up valuable employee time. As such, RPA can improve the employee experience.

What Is Automation Used for?

RPA is being used in many ways inside organizations, said Preeti Lobo, practice director, business integration and automation at Apps Associates, an enterprise application services provider.

“Processes critical to the business such as recognizing revenue on time, accurate reporting on revenue, getting orders loaded/entered into the system on time, validating data entered by customers on online portals, closing the books faster than before, are all processes that can be delegated, so to speak, to a ‘bot,’ ensuring error-free processing, customer satisfaction and accurate reporting,” Lobo said.

RPA can be useful for data re-entry, running multiple applications at the same time, and sequencing basic mouse/keyboard operations such as clicking, selection, copying and pasting. Tasks that can typically be handled by RPA include:

  • Organizing and filing paperwork.
  • Writing and sending emails.
  • Filling out spreadsheets.
  • Sending standard notices.
  • Maintaining incoming data.
  • Making and answering phone calls.
  • Tracking orders.
  • Filling out routine paperwork.

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